Social Recruiting Solutions: How to Find Great Candidates Through Quora - Gild

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a site you could log into (other than Gild Source, of course) that offered you a customized grouping of candidates, complete with all of their recent expertise-related activity? That’s what Quora allows you to build.

First, Quora allows you to search by seemingly countless topics to hone-in on the type of candidate you want to connect with. Industry, programming language, specific problems – they’re all searchable on Quora.

Here, we searched for the topic “Ruby on Rails” to hone into that programming language. On the topic home page, you can:

  • View recent questions asked and all unanswered questions
  • Follow the topic (great for one-click future access to topics in Quora)
  • Follow particular questions (in case you’re interested in people answering a particular question)
  • View answers to a specific question