360social - Discover people's on-line footprint in seconds!

See everything about everyone from over 200 social networks in a neatly structured sidebar. Verified information, 100% up to date People have different social profiles on different social networks. Understanding who you are talking to means having the complete picture of who they are. Not just information from one source, or worse, the wrong information. 360social searches the web to give you a fuller picture of the people you are communicating with. We collect information from over 200 social networks and condense it onto one simple sidebar. Whenever you want to know more about someone you are looking to connect with, you hover over their name and the sidebar is activated. By showing you the full social profile it allows you to see more about who they are, what they do, what they like and what they currently talking about. Instead of finding dozens of records from multiple social sources, 360social provides you unique and clustered profiles with all social info. We check and double check that all our information is 100% correct so you don’t need to. Simple to install. Simple to use. 360social is a browser plug-in that installs in seconds and works across most popular social networks. Hover over any social link & watch while we give you the whole picture. You’ll get all the social data without having to leave the site you’re on. It allows you to do a deep dive into your contacts & prospects in seconds, saving you time, improving your conversations and ensuring your connections are valuable and worthwhile immediately.