For the past 16 years I have been working in various roles combining my knowhow in HR and my passion for digital and fast growing companies. I understand the challenges corporate HR departments are facing and struggling with. I also know the difficulties of building up innovative yet pragmatic HR activities from scratch in early stage startups. Having been a Managing Director in a young HR company I also understand the difficulties founders face in building disruptive HR services and selling them to prospective clients.

I now focus on enabling HR professionals to be part of the evolution of talent management. I work with them on innovative HR approaches and projects, am their sparring partner for specific challenges, mentor young HR professionals and give trainings and workshops. Clients vary from digital startups to corporate HR professionals and anything in-between. HR is a global challenge for all companies in every industry and size. 

I am also passionate about #HRTech and support founders of HR startups in their businesses. Hence I am sometimes asked for advise by Venture Capital companies when investing in HR startups.


More on my vita can be found here.