Who I am


I have been working in HR for the past 19 years now, having started my career as a practitioner and was luckily “socialized” in digital companies, esp. startups. Over the years, I started to help entrepreneurs in HR Tech companies build exciting products, engage with clients, and meet investors. I also try to infuse as many HR practitioners as possible with technology, the future of work, and what a digitized HR function could look like. Being at the intersection of founders and clients, I also work with investors interested in HR Tech, esp. early stage/seed in Europe.

Find me at Unifier Ventures & Calibr8 for my professional work.

What I do

For HR Tech startups

With a background in HR, I help founders in their early phase to build exciting products and grow their companies. I do this as an advisor or angel investor.


  • Building an exciting HR Tech product/service & finding a Product-Market-Fit

  • Selling to HR & Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Fundraising



Previous Roles

HR Expert
hub:raum/Deutsche Telekom AG

Senior Consultant
Management Angels GmbH

Managing Director
i-potentials GmbH

various HR and related roles
Lycos Europe AG, British American Tobacco, Bertelsmann Stiftung, VNU Exhibitions…



If you would like to book me for a talk, panel or moderation or speak to me on HRTech and its role in the future of work, please get in touch.


I’m not a keen writer but have published some stuff here.