My business card could also say "collector of HR Tech startups". 

I'm a believer in the power of creativity, innovation and ideas. This is why I have worked with and for startups throughout my career in the past two decades. This is why I love HR Tech entrepreneurs and how they help shape and change the future of work and HR as a function. 

Having been in various HR roles myself, I see a great improvements through smart implementation of technologies to improve the way we work, the way we engage with candidates and employees and take part in strategic decisions of our businesses.

I also believe in experiments, agile mindsets, embracing failure, boldness to try out new things and a bit of disobedience towards our legacy beliefs and unquestioned concepts. HR decision makers should embrace innovation and use it to their advantage.

This is why I work on the interface between startups in HR Technology and Future of Work and HR practitioners. 

Specialties include: HR Tech and the Future of Work, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, Entrepreneurship and startups. I'm also a productivity geek, annoyingly curious and I make mean vegan cakes.

I also run a global, referral only (secret) Society for HR professionals and a series of HR Tech Meetups in Berlin. 

I'm right over at if you ever want to talk HR Tech.

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