Who I am


I have been working in HR and specifically Talent Acquisition for the past 19 years focussing on digital companies, esp. startups.

Over the years, I started to help entrepreneurs in HR Tech companies build exciting products, engage with clients, and meet investors.

I also help and enable organizations to build innovative talent strategies and consult them in various aspects of their HR work, incl. technology.

Being on the intersection between founders and clients, I also work with investors interested in HR Tech, esp. early stage/seed in Europe.


I am a Talent Acquisition expert with a deep understanding of HRTech who has recruited talent for digital companies and startup teams for the past two decades. With a proven ability to take a strategic view on Talent Management,
I combine this with a strong business sense and operational skills to build and grow teams.

My strategic mindset aims for the best outcomes due to my love for ideation. Throughout my career, I could rely on my curiosity and thrive for input to seek and share information. This led me to become an expert on various people topics. I am also a natural communicator providing clarity and inspiration with an eager adaptability to create and pursue new, uncharted paths.

What I do:

Speaking & Media:

Established speaker on HR Innovation at various conferences. Recognized as an “influencer” and “inspiring“ in the context of my work. Sharing thoughts in various interviews.

Training & Educating

Passing on  knowledge on e.g. Employee Experience and Talent Acquisition at universities and in professional trainings.

Advising & Investing

Advising HR Tech startups on strategic questions. Angel Investor. Currently Partner at a VC investing in HR Tech.

Community Building

Co-founder of a global 400 member strong referral only HR network. Advisor to a Women Leadership Network. Founder of the Berlin HR Tech Meetup .



If you would like to book me for a talk, panel or moderation or speak to me on HRTech and its role in the future of work, please get in touch.


I’m not a keen writer but have published some stuff here.



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